I've googled and Usenet-ed high and low for info on this, but to no

I've got one of those handy 256MB USB pen drives that I'd like to get
working with FreeBSD 5.1. As a long-time linux user I'm used to plugging
the device in, loading the usb-storage kernel module - which recognises
the device and slaps it on /dev/sda - and then issuing an appropriate
mount command.

I'm assuming the process with FreeBSD is similar, but I need some tips.
Specifically, what options/devices do I need to enable in the kernel? (I
thought I'd picked the relevant ones already - usb, ugen, umass, scbus,
da - but perhaps I'm missing something.) And once I've plugged the USB
drive in, what commands do I need to run to get the device recognised,
and to mount the vfat filesystem thereon?

At the moment, all that happens when I plug the USB drive in is a big
fat nothing. No kernel log messages. Not even a flicker of the little
power light on the device.

All suggestions greatly appreciated.

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