Hi - I've just attempted to upgrade from 4.4 to 4.8 using the 'Upgrade'
option within sysinstal and now I can't get the machine to offer me a
logon prompt. I was hoping I could get suggestions about what to do next.

During the install everything was going fine until during ... "Extracting
info into / directory" ... I got a dialog "Write Failure on Transfer" and
at the bottom of the screen it read /mnt/usr:write failed, file system is
full. I then got the same error message several more times substituting
'info' with 'crypto';'krb4','krb5','ports'.

I then got a message saying something about 'resurrecting' (went by too
fast to see). Clearly the upgrade was trying to reuse my old /etc which
was good only it then came up with a series of error messages "Unable to
resurrect your old /etc/services", I then got the same message several
more times substituting "services" with "spwd.db","ssh","ttys".

Finally I got a message which said that everything had turned out fine
... I think we can discount that ! Anyway I then allowed the machine to
boot and the boot sequence looked more or less normal but it ended by
displaying the date and time but no logon prompt !

Now at a bit of a loss to know how to retrieve the situation. Anyone got
any suggestions ?


Richard Shea.

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