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If your modem is external, maybe you have com1 & com2 disabled in
the PC bio's.  If PCI modem them and you are not using com1,2 ports
then you should disable there bio's so modem can use them.  One
other thing FBSD does not work with winmodems, those cheap modems
manufactured just for MS/Windows market.  You can use 'TIP' console
command to talk directly to modem.  If PCI modem check
/var/run/dmesg.log to see if FBSD found your modem.

Post more info on what you have done to debug, describe your modem

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Subject: yet another newbie ppp/modem question

I'm having some trouble getting my modem up and running on
FreeBSD 4.8. A search through the mailing list archives shows
that many of the problems I've been wrestling with seem to have
cropped up before, yet I  haven't been able to follow any of the
discussion to a workable answer.

My modem is sitting on cuaa2 and I needed to re-compile my kernel
to recognize that port. I did this and everything went fine,
although I am getting the dreaded "sio5: configured irq 2 not in
bitmap of probed irqs 0" error which I haven't found a solution
for in any documentation or discussion.

Have a look at this tutorial: <URL: http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/bsd/2000/06/14/FreeBSD_Basics.html> Since the article was written, an additional requirement has been added in order to connect to the Internet using dialup: the dialup user must be added to the "dialer" group.

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