On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 03:04:16PM +0100, Colin Watson wrote:
> I've got a question about dummynet pipes, basically I've installed two rules per 
> user to control their traffic flow: 
> add 150 pipe 15 ip from to any out
> pipe 15 config bw 512Kbit/s queue 10
> add 160 pipe 16 ip from any to in
> pipe 16 config bw 512Kbit/s queue 10
> However, the first (outbound traffic) rule is not kicking in. And the users can 
> upload at whatever capcity is on the backbone. Just wondering if I've configured it 
> correctly, or if something is missing - Any help appericated.

First, would you please ajust you mailer so that your lines are less
then 72 chars? 

Its looks ok to me. What it the output of 'ipfw s'?


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