On Sat, Sep 13, 2003 at 03:35:46AM -0700, Paul Orsi wrote:
> I may try:
> chattr -V  -i NEWKERN

As Kris has already told you, there is no such command as `chattr' in

> chmod u+x NEWKERN

Ah!  Now we're (maybe) getting somewhere - the file NEWKERN is simply a text
file - it contains configuration parameters for building a kernel.  It is
not in and of itself executable.  If you set the execute bit and try to run
it, your shell will spew out loads of `command not found' errors.

> let me know if you have any ideas.,thanks

Read these chapters in the handbook:



The first is useful if you are just trying to build a new kernel.  If you
are trying to update the whole system, read the latter.



Daniel Bye

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