16mb of ram and you want to run KDE? I dont think that all that good an idea. 
Try a light weight window manager  this site


has a list of heaps of different windows manager and desktops, try something 
labelled as minimalistic eg. fvwm or xfce maybe.

As far as installing it is concerned, your best bet is to go through 
/stand/sysinstall and select configure, then distibutions and select the 
Xfree distributions. once that is installed configure your x server ( 
configure=> xserver configuration once again in /stand/sysinstall )
and then install your windowmanager.

Hope that helps

> Hello,
>  I am a newbie, using Windows, a Mandrake Linux and a Slackware installed
> on my Athlon PC.
> So I intended to test FreeBSD on my old PC:
> Pentium, 133MHz, 16 Mo memory.
> I used floppies as indicated ( I had to use the drivers one equally for my
> CD reader to be detected ).
> The "base" has been installed in a moderate time.
> But as I wanted to get graphics advantage, I choosed to add KDE tools,
> fonts, etc.
> Install time: 16 hours (!). And I still don't have xf86cfg to get my
> graphic screen. (in what package is it ?)
> So, my question: is the time duration normal ? And what is the minimum
> packages to install in
> way to get a minimum of graphics, so usefull for a beginner .
> Thank you

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