Just enabling named solved the problem. I only added two or three
"named_..." entries from /etc/default/rc.conf to /etc/rc.conf, changing
"NO" for "YES" and nothing else.
Even without modifying de default config files (named.conf and any
other, eventually) the FreeBSD gateway began to forward name-requests
without problems.

But I'm almost sure that none of the documents I read said it was
necessary to enable named in the gateway in order to resolve names.
Maybe this should be added o I should recheck.

Thank you very much. Your help was in fact extremely useful to me.

I also prefer sometimes to perform a few tasks with my personals
scripts and avoid the default programs doing them. As I review what I
wrote it seems that I know what exactly the program does!

Thanks again.
José Albores - <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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> 1. I would try enabling named on the FreeBSD gateway and set it as a
> forwarder to the DNS of my ISP. Then set all the clients' primary DNS
> to
> that of the internal IP of your gateway.
> [...]
> ----- Original Message -----
> [...]
> > The problem summary is as follows:
> > I'm setting up a very simple LAN at home using only
> > two machines with fixed private ip addresses either.
> > The FreeBSD gateway is connected to the internet
> > through my cablemodem ISP's modem.
> >
> > The problem is that the Windows XP client CANNOT
> > access the Internet with alphabetic names (should be
> > called a DNS problem?) but it YES CAN do it with ip
> > addresses (numbers).
> > [...]

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