I updated (via source) to 4.9-prerelease. No, I *tried* to update to
4.9-prerelease as of Sep 13th. The problem is that networking seems to
be failing in the 4.9-prerelease kernel. I build on one system and
test on a second system, installing via nfs. Following the nsame steps
I always follow to install a new kernel and world fails when I try and
install the world running the new kernel, as the nfs mount never
happens. Trying to ping the build system results in "Host is down"
messages. I can ping localhost and the ip address of the test machine
with no problems; those both use the loopback network. The interface
that's failing is xl0.

Does anyone have an xl that's working with 4.9-prerelease? How about
anyone else having network problems with 4.9-prelease. A solution
would be best of all, of course.

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