> > SO I did type mergemaster and all went well.
> > 
> > Decided then to remove the temproot directory, but failed!
> > 
> > # rm -rf /var/tmp/temproot
> > rm: /var/tmp/temproot/var/empty: Operation not permitted
> > rm: /var/tmp/temproot/var: Directory not empty
> > rm: /var/tmp/temproot/: Directory not empty
> > 
> > Took me a long while to figure out the 
> /var/tmp/temproot/var/empty direcoty
> > has the schg flag set. Very, very confusing.
> > Is there any reason why it is like that?
> > If not, then do not create the empty directory with schg !!
> Because /var/empty should not be deleted.  Some programs use it.
> I don't know about that particilar variation.

I'm confused here, but that's nothing new...
I'm running 4.8-RELEASE-p4.

I can read what Jerry says, but does he mean that /var/empty should not
be deleted, or that /var/tmp/temproot/var/empty should not be deleted?

These two directories are completely different, and if I'm rebuilding
from source for, say, the second time, then /var/tmp/temproot/var/empty
might exist and definitly should be deleted, right?

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