Per David's suggestion, I'm redirecting this question to this list.  My
FreeBSD CDs are for 3.2.  Not sure what additional information might
be helpful.

> My old hard drive with Win98 died and I just got a new 40GB for my
> laptop so I decided to install FreeBSD instead .

Woo hoo!

>  I created the Kernel and MFS floppies per the instructions in my
> book (FreeBSD 3rd edition) and it sets up my partition, asks what
> type of installation I want (selected Novice).  I then tell it the
> installation media is CDROM but when it boot it appears to scan the
> CDROM (led flashes) but then boots from the hard drive giving me a
> message that 0:wd(0,a)/kernel is the default and placing me at the
> boot: prompts.

The sequence of events above doesn't make sense. It sounds as if when
you set your media type it subsequently reboots. It shouldn't be doing
that at all.

You should redirect this question to the freebsd-questions list, as the
charter of this list prohibits the answering of technical questions.
The only way we can keep FreeBSD's reputation of stability and
robustness is to direct people with technical questions to those who
actually know the answers.



David Nobles

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