On Sun, Sep 14, 2003 at 01:06:07PM +0000, Walaa Waguih wrote:
> Dear Sirs ,
> me and some of my freinds that use and adore FreeBSD OS was thinking about
> opening something like branch for FreeBSD here in Egypt .
> and we was wondering is it posible or not .. and what will be needed to do
> something like that ??

Just go ahead and do it (assuming there isn't one already)..lots of
countries and regions have their own local support mailing lists.
Once you're set up, contact the doc@ people to get the contact details
documented in the handbook.

> and we are ready for what ever needed to be official distributer or
> supporter for FreeBSD in Egypt ( and may be later in all middle east )..
> so could you inform me about what needed for that ???

Are you talking about starting a mirror site, or selling CDs?


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