This is quite a complicated setup, I think.

  I've got a single 80GB disk in my machine, which currently has Windows
XP and FreeBSD installed.  Since I only use WinXP from time-to-time I
would like to be able to boot it from VMware3 WS (which is installed and

  FreeBSD is /dev/ad0s1 and WinXP is /dev/ad0s2.

  VMWare doesn't seem to like having the raw disk /dev/ad0 used.  I'm
guessing this is because I'm using that for FreeBSD at the same time.
Therefore -- I wanted to know if it was possible to maybe provide a sort
of symlink to /dev/ad0s2 that can be read as a file.  I thought maybe
vnconfig was the way to do this.

  If there are any VMWare xperts -- could it be possible that this
``file'' could be used as a raw disk?  Anything to do this would be very
helpful as I'm totally stuck.

  Thanks very much,


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