# [EMAIL PROTECTED] / 2003-09-12 05:37:17 +0200:
> I 've got a message in my logfiles that I don't understand.
> The ip-addresses are none that I'm to my knowing are associated with.
> Wonder what it is or if it's anything to worry about.
> odin.swedehost.com kernel log messages:
> > icmp redirect from =>
> Checking up on the above Ip-addresses don't ring any bells ider.

    Looks like your machine was sending traffic to, and
    an intermediate host at sent an ICMP redirect message
    telling it to send them to instead. See RFC 792.

    As for security concerns: any packet might have the source address
    spoofed, and obeying ICMP type 5 messages in a hostile environment
    (like the internet) means you're giving your network traffic out for
    public consumption.

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