> I have a problem turning off my computer after
> shutting down FreeBSD. I use 4.5. When I get the
> prompt to press any key to continue, I have to "turn
> off" the computer 3-5 times.

Normally there is no special trick to it.  You just push the power button.
There seems to be some way, probably described in the ACPI standard that
I have never read, that the OS can do it on modern machines.

My new PC BIOS can allegedly be configured to require that the power
button be held down for 4 seconds before it turns off, otherwise it
just goes to "sleep".  I don't enable that feature, but I do find that
when the system is in the "press any key to continue" halted state
it seems to ignore the power button.  So I press any key and let it
reset and start to reboot.  Then the power button works.  This is
indeed a little annoying.  I would like to understand why it does this.

Dan Strick
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