On Mon, 15 Sep 2003 04:58, Alex wrote:
> Thanks to all who responded. I think I've narrowed this down to a problem
> recognizing the port (rather than a hardware problem), but this still
> doesn't have me much closer to success. The actual modem is a US Robotics
> Performance Pro (not a Winmodem), so I doubt that's the source of my
> troubles.
> I did run sh MAKEDEV to make sure that all the devices existed. Then I used
> Kermit to try to contact the modem and I got a message that read:
> connection to /dev/cuaa2 failed: Device not configured
> Also, on startup, I'm still getting this error message that reads:
> sio2: configured irq 5 not in bitmap of probed irqs 0
> Can anyone see what I might be missing here?
> Thanks a lot,
> Alex
> PS- Here, once again, are the lines from my kernel config file:
> # Serial (COM) ports
> device   sio0    at isa? port IO_COM1 flags 0x10 irq 4
> device   sio1    at isa? port IO_COM2 irq 3
> device   sio2    at isa? port IO_COM3 irq 5
> device   sio3    at isa? disable port IO_COM4 irq

I believe your modem is on the PCI bus. The above lines implement
isa devices. To get si02 on the PCI bus you'll need to remove the lines
for sio2 and sio3. Now add a line to look for serial on PCI
   device sio
Yes, without any further qualification.

For it to work the device needs to be recognised by the system PCI scanning 
software; which might or might not be the case. But at least you have a 
chance. Your present kernel configuration has no chance ;-)

# pciconf -lv 
may also be interesting to see what the software does find; have a look at the 
pciconf man page.


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