I have HD splited as folows:
 [FAT32] [--free-400M--] [FreeBSD]
 On other hand, FreeBSD partition contains next
 [SWAP] [/tmp] [/var] [/] (/ contains /usr)
 I need to add those 400M to / filesystem.
 The best way, I think, is to move FreeBSD partition to the blank 400M block start, 
then enlarge FreeBSD partition to tose 400M now laying after it, then enlarge / with 
growfs as it's the last filesystem.
 The poblem is that I don't know HOW to do it. First, I can't move FreeBSD partition 
or add free space to it: DOS Powerquest Magic can't do this, I have no other tools. 
Second, I've never used growfs and need short description of it (mans're too 
 Please, send solutions!
 Remember, I've nor free space neither fast enough FTP to backup there

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