fbsd_user wrote:

> Once user ppp makes the connection and the line speed is set, any
> self adjustment to the line speed made by the modem is not captured
> by user ppp.  Furthermore I have not seen any (modem terminal
> servers) that captures and report on this ether.

Well, like I said, the 3Com Total Control Chassis does, but it's a
pretty darn expensive piece of hardware.

> Some pci modem mfg
> have added an I-reg to capture the max and mim line speed during an
> modem session which can be accessed using Hayes 'AT' commands after
> the online modem session has completed. There is no way to see this
> speed as it changes to compensate for line noise.

That would be nice. You don't happen to have any on-line docs to back
up that claim, do you?

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