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Hi all,

thank you all for your help.

Same problem occured with mozilla-devel (but here I got error message stating No running window found.).

Few minutes searching on google revealed following solution:

In XF86Config file there is commented line
# Load         "freetype"

Just uncomment it and run fc-cache -v -f

and then restart whole Xserver.

Both Firebird and Mozilla are running now. Anyway what flash player would you recommend to use with Mozilla (I didn't see any suitable for Firebird). May I use this one from ports (/usr/ports/www/flashplugin-mozilla-devel)?

I use flashpluginwrapper-0.20021113 with firebird. This require linux_base. I also use the plugin java (jre) diablo-jre- (or the complete diablo-jdk- with firebird.

You can get more detai here:

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