Hello, everyone.

I'm attempting to roll my own -CURRENT release and am having a problem
getting the correct syntax for CVSROOT.  I have a CVS mirror running on my 
gateway (-STABLE) system via the cvsup-mirror port and would like to use this 
to build a release on a remote VMWare -CURRENT system, avoiding me from having
to schlep around the multi-gig repository to build releases on my various
test boxes.

I cannot seem to get the correct syntax to CVSROOT to allow make release
to pull from the networked repository and keep getting connection
refused error messages.  Indeed, all the handbook and other
documentation I give refers to a local CVSROOT, so I'm unclear if it is
even possible to roll a release against a remote repository.

Is this sort of build scenario supported?  If so, what would sample
syntax be against a cvsup-mirror created repository look like?

Thanks for the help!


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