Hi all,

We have been running a Dell SC1400 with about 250 domains on it for about 2
years now. I have never questioned the integrity of the hardware before

When I checked the server this morning I noted named was not running. When I
went through the logs, I noticed that the machine had rebooted last night
about 901 PM. According to our colo technician, there was nothing wronge
with the UPS. There are 2 other machines on this power bar, and they did not

This machine shows that it was down for 9 minutes during the reboot process
(the logs confirm stop to start was 9 minutes). Nothing unussual shows up in
the fsck logs from the reboot, also, there was no shutdown, halt, or reboot
command issued. This particular machine is running a PERC 3 RAID 5 array).

My question is, has anyone seen anything similar and confirmed that is was a
machine specific issue, either caused by FreeBSD 4.x or Dell?

Any insight would be appreciated.


Grant W. Peel
Server Admin

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