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I've been trying to setup vinum as my root fs for a couple of days (with
some excellent help :).  However, I want to have /, swap, /usr and /var

  As I understand it I'm supposed to use something like this (/ shown

drive vinumdrive0 device /dev/ad0s1h
drive vinumdrive0 device /dev/ad2s1h
volume root
plex name root.p0 org concat
plex name root.p1 org concat
sd name root.p0.s0 drive vinumdrive0 root.p0 len 524288s
sd name root.p1.s0 drive vinumdrive1 root.p1 len 524288s

  The problem here is that I don't have an ad0s1h (this was provided to
me in an example).  I thought maybe I could use ``drive vinumdrive0
device /dev/ad0s1'' instead, but that won't work either.

  Can anybody give me any hinters on how to achieve this?  Thanks very


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