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R> I'm not very versed in sendmail and I'm not sure if this is possible so I
R> thought I'd asked the list.

R> I have a home network that consists of 2 freebsd machines and 3 windows
R> machines. I'd like to set everyone up to use sendmail (or any mta for that
R> matter) as the smtp server. But I would like everyone to keep their email
R> address that end in comcast.net.

You want to set up a simple MTA on one of your FBSD machines to act as
your mail server for your LAN. You can use Sendmail, but for the beginner
it can be overwhelming to understand. May I suggest Postfix, as it is
pretty much ready to go "out of the box." If you do not have your own
registered domain, you would set it up and can very easily use comcast.net
as your domain on your outgoing email for your entire LAN. This is well
documented in the main.cf file of Postfix on how to do this. You can send
mail through comcast's SMTP server this way.

R> Is this possible?

Of course. Then you would route all your mail to Sendmail or Postfix and
have the MTA program you choose, route it through your ISP's (comcast.net)
SMTP server, just like you do now.

R>  If so where do I look for information and tutorials
R> on this.

Either on the Sendmail or Postfix website.

R> I don't want any outgoing mail from my network to go to comcast at all

Ah, this adds a wrinkle. Do you have your own FQDN and do you have mx
records in your DNS (if you are authoritative for your domain)? Also, will
comcast allow you to send mail via your server through their net block on
port 25? Probably not, but you would need to check and have your own
domain. Otherwise, how will you get mail, and not have it go to comcast?

R> , but I want to make sure if some one replies to the mail it get back
R> to the sender.

Then you need your own domain, and either have your own DNS or have
someone keep / publish the domain records for you. As above, you also have
to check that comcast will allow you to have SMTP out and inbound, or if
they are blocking port 25.. If they do block SMTP (other than their own
domain), you are out of luck.

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