Hi Greg,

> Based on that, it's not clear why you would want to
> build an AP from a wireless card.

Well, this to avoid having to deal with a 'swiss army knife' type of box,
just like the one you're describing. Nowadays these boxes have everything in
them, and the single thing that they apparently can't do is bake bread. I'd
like to put all I need between my local network and the wireless network
into a FreeBSD box.


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On Friday,  5 September 2003 at 17:55:14 +0200, Hans Vledder wrote:
> All,
> I am considering building a 802.11g FreeBSD access point. I've read
> that I will need a network adapter that supports hostap (access
> point mode). Does anyone known a brand/model (PCI) that's being
> supported by FreeBSD ?

I don't have a direct answer to this question, but a bit of

Last weekend I bought a couple of 802.11b/g wireless routers (AirLink,
I think).  These boxes contain an access point, a four-port Ethernet
switch and an additional downlink Ethernet port.  They're intended as
cable or ADSL gateways, accessed by the downlink port.  You can
configure the downlink port to access the other networks by NAT or
directly, and you can run a mini-firewall if you want.  It can also
function as a DHCP server.  These boxes cost me $80 at Fry's, the same
price as a basic 802.11b access point.

This weekend I went back to Fry's looking for Atheros-based wireless
cards.  The cheapest I could find cost $100.

Based on that, it's not clear why you would want to build an AP from a
wireless card.

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