On Tue, 16 Sep 2003, Gary wrote:

> Hello Guys,
> It seems that on a remote box FBSD 4.8, my /dev/ad0s1a or / dir is at 73% capacity
> already, and this has me somewhat worried.  I attribute this to the /etc
> dir inside of the / dir, as it contains many log files, etc... or perhaps
> the 2 kernels sitting under /  both kernel and kernel.GENERIC
> Question is can I cp /etc to say a /usr/etc and link it (as I have tons of
> room under /usr) without any problem.

The more usual culprit is /root if you have been using the superuser
account to access things better suited to a normal user.  Logfiles
normally go to /var rather than /etc, which mostly contains configuration
files and startup scripts.  du is your friend in this situation.


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