At  1:52 PM on Tuesday 16 September 2003, Charles Howse wrote:
> I currently have a HDD as the primary master, a CDROM as the secondary
> master and a HDD as the secondary slave on my FBSD box.
> FBSD detects them as ad0, acd0 and ad3, respectively.
> If I change the drive jumpers to make the HDD the secondary master and
> the CDROM the secondary slave, is it correct to assume that FBSD will
> detect them as ad1 and acd0?

ad2, rather.  Assuming that you use the ATA_STATIC_ID kernel option,
ATA drives will be numbered like this:

    ad0     primary master
    ad1     primary slave
    ad2     secondary master
    ad3     secondary slave

> This configuration will break /etc/fstab, as well as anything else that
> references the HDD on the secondary IDE channel. Other than /etc/fstab
> and personal files, what should I edit to reflect the hardware changes?

When I've made those sorts of changes, I've only ever had to change
fstab and my scripts that run dump(8).

David Siebörger
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