On Tuesday 16 September 2003 02:24 pm, Kjell B. wrote:
> I was thinking of upgrading (binary) in order to correct the security
> issues (sendmail, openssh, realpath, etc.) that have been discovered
> since the 4.8-RELEASE.  However, I fail to do so. I've searched the
> online documentation but not found what I need, except that I should
> run sysinstall->upgrade.
> I was a bit quick I think in just backing up and then running the
> upgrade, so I got to the same point I was before. Then I discovered
> that the Release Name under options could be used. So, I changed this
> to RELENG_4_8 and none of the servers could find that release. I tried
> 4.8-RELEASE-p4 (and -p5). Again, none of the servers had that release.
> This is what I cannot find in the documentation. What do you enter in
> the Release Name option?
> Then again, I might just wait for the 4.9 to come in a few weeks time,
> but would then face the same situation again I assume.
> I also browsed some of the ftp sites in order to find any hints on
> naming conventions, but failed...
> Any help would be much appreciated. I'd rather not upgrade from source.
> Thanks,
>   Kjell
Have you looked into cvsup?  It will allow you to download changes in source 
code, then recompile the base system whenever it's convenient for you.  I 
usually cvsup to STABLE every other week or so; although you may be more 
interested in SECURITY.  I "make world" when security issues or new features 
warrant it.  On my Athlon Thunderbird 900 (1.5GB RAM), it takes about 50 
minutes to recompile the base system and 10 minutes to recompile the kernel.


Best of luck,

Andrew Gould

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