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> So I can get it right in my head (now there's a challenge).
 The correct
> steps for building a custom kernel is:
>   1) update sources
>   2) rm -rf /usr/obj/*
>   3) make buildworld
>   4) edit kernel config file
>   5) make buildkernel
>   6) make installkernel
>   7) reboot
>   8) make installworld
>   9) mergemaster
> Many Thanks
> Mark.

I believe that's mostly it, but there are smaller steps that may be
important inbetween, like doing `chflags' on /usr/obj/*
before removing
the files - all this is in the manual, though.  The steps outlined
above are in the handbook - in that order.  Take another look at the
handbook and if you still have problem reply with specific issues.

Here's a real good article. http://bsdvault.net/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=21

# cd /usr/obj

# chflags -R noschg *

# rm -rf *

One other step between removing the old /usr/obj and making buildworld:

# mergemaster -p

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