Thank you so much for the long and detailed description.
I'm waiting for the first release candidate of 4.9 to test
it out.
(BTW: RC1 should have been there already; is there a delay?).


Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 14, 2003 at 08:46:52PM +0900, Rob Lahaye wrote:
>>What is left and right in the mergemaster context???
>>'man sdiff' doesn't seem to help out here.
>>I've tried a bit (I typed 'v' and 'q'), but then found /etc/hosts
>>totally empty!!
>>Any idea where I went wrong?
> 'sdiff' does a side-by-side comparison of two files, and lets you
> generate a file where some or all of those differences have been
> merged together.  'left' and 'right' in this context refer to the two
> columns that sdiff divides the screen into, where it shows you the
> blocks of lines that differ between the two files you're comparing.
> Perhaps an example is in order.  Run these commands to get two
> different versions of the GENERIC kernel configuration from cvs:

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