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On Tuesday, 16 September 2003 at 14:10:29 +0200, Hans Vledder wrote:
> On  Saturday, September 13, 2003 9:18 PM, Greg Lehey wrote:
>> Last weekend I bought a couple of 802.11b/g wireless routers (AirLink,
>> I think).  These boxes contain an access point, a four-port Ethernet
>> switch and an additional downlink Ethernet port.  They're intended as
>> cable or ADSL gateways, accessed by the downlink port.  You can
>> configure the downlink port to access the other networks by NAT or
>> directly, and you can run a mini-firewall if you want.  It can also
>> function as a DHCP server.  These boxes cost me $80 at Fry's, the same
>> price as a basic 802.11b access point.
>> This weekend I went back to Fry's looking for Atheros-based wireless
>> cards.  The cheapest I could find cost $100.
>> Based on that, it's not clear why you would want to build an AP from a
>> wireless card.
> Well, this to avoid having to deal with a 'swiss army knife' type of box,
> just like the one you're describing. Nowadays these boxes have everything in
> them, and the single thing that they apparently can't do is bake bread. I'd
> like to put all I need between my local network and the wireless network
> into a FreeBSD box.

Even if it costs you significantly more?

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