On Tue, 16 Sep 2003, Jason L. Schwab wrote:

> Heya Folks;
>       I've been looking into setting up IMAPd support
>       on my mail servers, and i got it working with
>       both UW and Courier, but both seem to take way
>       to long (upwards of minutes) to login and fetch
>       my mail. (like 10 messages) on the test acct.

        I would not blame the software so quickly.  We run imap-uw on very
        heavily loaded boxes and rarely see problems with it.  Sure it's
        not the fastest but minutes of wait?  No.  I would suggest looking

        1) DNS issues (resolution issues)
        2) If it's login related checking into PAM issues (DB issues)
        3) Check network problems (Duplex mismatch? Congestion?)
        4) Check hardware problems (Disk especially)

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