Michael Haro wrote:

>I want to setup a FreeBSD server with a 16-24 200+ACs-GB IDE drives for an FTP
>server.  We currently have one using two old 3ware 6xxx cards.  Does anyone
>know of any cards (that are still made - I'm not allowed to use used stuff)
>that would for this task that are supported by FreeBSD?  I don't see support
>for the 75xx or 85xx cards 3ware cards.  I also don't care if we use 3ware
>or some other manufacturer, but I don't know who else makes IDE controllers
>that support at least 8 drives per card and work with FreeBSD.
>Also, if there is a better list for me to ask this question on, please let
>me know. 
You are in luck. 
And guese what, highpoint is a freebsd hardware partner!
I just hope
32bit/33mhz PCI is not a bottle neck for you.

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