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Apologies if I should have found the answer already, but it would appear
from both sites that xxxxBSD is a marvellous operating system, very secure,
efficient, etc, based on Berkeley Unix, etc. Both are free and maintained by
really skilled technical people, etc, but what is the difference between
them, why would one use one in preference to the other?

Its simply a matter of preference. Each project (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD...) have their own goals, and ideas about security.

I tend to look at it like this:
FreeBSD is probably the best general purpose BSD for x86 systems. (other ports are coming along)

OpenBSD is great for those who are VERY serious about security. The system is locked down by default, and has alterations the the system compiler to make it more secure. It tries to prevent common attack vectors. If you are using this for a desktop, you will need to do a lot more work to unsecure it enough to run apps. :)

I can't comment on NetBSD all that much as I only ran it on an old Sparc. It ran great though.. they do support the most platforms though. Linux people should feel at home in terms of porting to everything including your toaster oven. You can even run NetBSD on Sega DreamCast.

Darwin (Apple's distro) isn't done yet for x86 platforms. Mac OS X runs the darwin system.

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