On Tue, Sep 16, 2003 at 11:32:41PM -0400, Earl wrote:
> Hello everyone at FreeBSD!
> A few months ago I was finally ready to install FreeBSD into my "new"
> Dell Optiplex GX300 I bought used from my place of work!  Suddenly I
> decided it was too late in the night to begin the install so I pushed
> the button to open the CD drawer and quickly removed the CD to "low and
> behold" strike the CD on a corner of the speaker that was right in front
> of the CD drawer, putting a long gash right across the bottom side of
> the CD.  I had purchased this software from Comp USA over a year and a
> half ago and obviously they don't sell this version anymore but would
> like a replacement copy of the CD to go with the same version of CD's
> no. 2 thru 4 and book "The Complete FreeBSD by Greg Lehey 3rd edition
> published by Walnut Creek CDROM c 1996, 1997, 1999".

Look into getting the disk re-surfaced if you don't want to burn a new
copy from the ISO.

Jeremy Faulkner
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