On Wed, 2003-09-17 at 05:47, Charles Howse wrote:
> > > Now the system hangs for about 20 seconds at the BIOS drive 
> > detection,
> > > and at the FBSD atapi controller detection.
> > 
> > Are you using ATAPICAM?  If so, it's probably the SCSI settling.
> > That's adjustable in the kernel configuration.
> The string 'atapicam' does not appear in my
> /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/CUSTOM customized kernel config file.  Is that
> what you meant?  I did find that string in LINT, but I'm not using it.
> I may have misled you in my post.  What I should have said is, the
> system hangs for about 20 seconds at the BIOS drive detection, and then
> there is another 20 second delay when FBSD is detecting devices, *after*
> it displays the line about finding the atapi controller.  It displays
> that line concerning the atapi controller, issues 2 cr/lf and pauses for
> that 20 seconds.  It then continues to load without error, all devices
> are detected properly and I can read and write to them.
> I really think this delay may be more related to hardware than software.
> I just booted the system to an MS-DOS diskette, and the delay is still
> there.  I have no special settings in BIOS.
> BTW: I've also posted this to alt.comp.hardware.  No joy yet.


I also think the delay is hardware related. The most common reason would
be if a drive was jumpered incorrectly, eg. if the drive is set as slave
but there is no master drive, or the master drive is set with slave
drive present when there is no slave drive.

So the BIOS waits for a response from an unavailable drive or until the
time-out period is reached.

In your original post you mentioned the 2Gb was set as master, then you
connected it as secondary-slave. You would need to change jumper
settings to reflect this.


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