hello all..

I'm trying set up a cluster of freebsd fileservers sharing a common set of
volumes/drives/raids over netatalk to a bunch of OS 9 clients. Each
fileserver has a Qlogic 2100 fibre channel card connected to a switch.
Also connected to the switch are several fibre channel raid controllers,
with raids attached to them. I have no problem mount and using the raid
volumes on the freebsd servers.

What I'd really like to do is mount the same volume on two or more
servers, which I can do, but one server does not know about the other
server's changes to the disk. I'm sure this results in files being
overwritten since each server thinks it owns the disk. I'm sure things
like softupdates compund my problem even more.

Is there a way to have two machines share a disk, and communicate between
them (over the network?) the changes? I've seen AFS, and it's mostly what
i'm trying to do, but it doesn't work with OS 9 clients. I want an OS 9
client to be able to pick a server in the cluster (from their chooser) and
be presented with the same shared volumes, regardless of the chosen
server. Any help??


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