Hi gang,
 I was looking at purchasing a jukebox recently for a poolhall. When 
all is said and done, I found a refurbished 100 cd jukebox which I 
thought was really nice, until I heard the price - $4500. This is on 
par with a lot of older refurbished models, and the price can double 
for newer ones! So, the gears in my head started turning, and I 
mentally devised a plan to build my own jukebox that does more then 
your "standard" juke for a lot less money. Though I am unfortunately 
more of a Windows guy, I am thinking of turning to FBSD for this job. 

My plan is to build a custom "jukebox looking" enclosure like everyone 
is used to seeing in bars, poolhalls, etc. In place of the CD changer 
I'd like to have a full PC (Thinking XP2800, 1GB RAM, 500Gb SATA RAID) 
built inside, connected to a CD changer that I can control. This way I 
can offer more then just CDs, but mp3s and videos as well. I'd like to 
pick up a nice vid card (Say an ATI Radeon 9xxx Pro series with S-Video 
out) and setup the S-Video side to stream videos/xmms mp3/cd 
visualizations to 6 TVs spread throughout the place. 
In place of the normal song selection screen you normally see, I'd like 
to place a 17 or 19" LCD that only display 4-8 CD covers & song lists 
at a time. 
Here's what I need to do:
*Build a catalog of all music and videos on harddrive and CDs in 
changer, automatically 1-2 times a day or on demand.
*Output video to a monitor which shows only the music list. For 
CD's/mp3s it will show the CD cover and a songlist. Typical jukebox 
style with CD's being numbered as well as song (EG. say NOFX's "War on 
Errorism" is listed as CD 22 and the song "Mattersville" is track 12, 
they'd enter 2212 as the song request). Show anywhere from 4-8 CD's and 
song info at a time (depending on screen size)
*Interface with several buttons to control display. A set of NEXT PREV 
buttons which "flip through" the virtual catalog, and another set 
entitled "Music" and "Videos" which switch display
*When pressing the "Videos" button, I'd like to be able to see the 
screen switch to a similar style as the above, only showing a 
screenshot of the video, artist name, song title, and album. 
*Tell FBSD to listen to a bill validator 
(http://www.videocan.com/bill_validator.html - currently waiting for 
info from them about interface) for credit inputs, and display it as an 
overlay on the screen (Let's say $1 buys 3 songs or 2 videos - display 
would show that)
*Once it's determined that there's credits in the machine have FBSD 
listen to a keypad (telephone pad style) for input in the style of 
XXXX, first 2 being album number, second 2 track number.
*Queue up and keep track of songs to play. mp3s/CDs will launch a 
visualization studio to display the music vis to the TVs, or launch 
videos to play on TVs. 
*When there's no activity, it will enter a screensaver mode where it 
changes screens on monitor.
Stuff I'm thinking about adding but isn't necessary - search function, 
user inserted CDs (which lock CDtray until song/cd is through playing).

Although I'm fairly certain FBSD can handle this, I wanted to ask the 
experts, to see if I'm right. I'm hoping to have a real easy to operate 
jukebox, so I don't want to have to many buttons, keyboards, etc there 
to confuse people. And if at all possible, I don't want to make mention 
that I'm using FBSD/PC hardware/etc inside (well, except for some 
powered by FreeBSD stickers on the back hehe). 
Let me know your thoughts! If I go forward with this, it's at least 2 
years away, but I think the idea is fairly sound.

  Jeremy Pavleck
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