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> Hi gang,
>  I was looking at purchasing a jukebox recently for a poolhall. When 
> all is said and done, I found a refurbished 100 cd jukebox which I 
> thought was really nice, until I heard the price - $4500. This is on 
> par with a lot of older refurbished models, and the price can double 
> for newer ones! So, the gears in my head started turning, and I 
> mentally devised a plan to build my own jukebox that does more then 
> your "standard" juke for a lot less money. Though I am unfortunately 
> more of a Windows guy, I am thinking of turning to FBSD for this job. 
> My plan is to build a custom "jukebox looking" enclosure like everyone
> is used to seeing in bars, poolhalls, etc. In place of the CD changer 
> I'd like to have a full PC (Thinking XP2800, 1GB RAM, 500Gb SATA RAID)
> built inside, connected to a CD changer that I can control. This way I
> can offer more then just CDs, but mp3s and videos as well. I'd like to
> pick up a nice vid card (Say an ATI Radeon 9xxx Pro series with
> S-Video out) and setup the S-Video side to stream videos/xmms mp3/cd 
> visualizations to 6 TVs spread throughout the place. 
> In place of the normal song selection screen you normally see, I'd
> like to place a 17 or 19" LCD that only display 4-8 CD covers & song
> lists at a time. 

It's a clever idea. I'm certainly no expert, but I should think it would
be a whole lot cheaper if you could dispense with the physical CD
changer and just implement the music with mp3. I'm less sure about video
- there might be legal issues with taking copy-protected DVDs and
turning them into mpegs. Anyway, the more you do with software and the
less with hardware, the less this thing will cost.

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