Daniel wrote:
> On 18 Sep 2003 at 10:07, Rob Lahaye wrote:
>>I have compiled and installed the STABLE cvsup'ed kernel sources,
>>rebooted and discovered that the 'top' command now outputs
>>Is there a quicker fix than recompiling the whole base system (base system
>>now is 4.8-RELEASE)?
> Not that I know of... you made a pretty big jump in kernel structures and whatnot, 
> and your 
> system should follow the kernel... it would be quite unwise to run a 4.8-RELEASE 
> system 

Thanks all for your very useful advise, comments and
encouraging me to go for a new world!

I've just built a new world here...for the first time in my life.
Quite scary, but eventually flawless without any problems.
Bless that wonderful FreeBSD handbook!!!

So I learned that I also should rebuild my world, when I go for
the new kernel.
How about my already installed software from the ports' collection?
So far that seems to run fine with the new world and kernel. But can
I expect to run into trouble here at some point?
If so, any idea where and when ?


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