On Thu, 18 Sep 2003 12:19 pm, Peter Leftwich wrote:
> > > All I ever wanted was a file explorer similar to Microsoft Explorer
> > > (latest) or ACDSee32 (www.acdsystems.com I think).  In Unix.  Too much
> > > to ask?

> > I had a gtk app that displayed thumbnails as you went thru the directory
> > structure, is that what you are looking for? It was gqview and is in the
> > ports. Thumbnail display is an option from the menubar

> Great post!  Thank you.  I had actually tried this or a similar app before
> and was dismayed that the thumbnails were not in a grid (rather, they are
> in a single, uniform column) but there are SO MANY great features that I'll
> settle!!!  Awesome.  You can rename, delete, move, bulk move, etc also.
> Thanks again, you made my day.

Woah!!! Wow freebsd has some useful graphics programs *grin*!!! I have been 
struggling along using the gimp open doalogue box preview thing to browse my 
photos, this is soo much better.

JacobRhoden - http://rhoden.id.au/
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