Hi there,

     I had a question... I was running DAYTIME (port 13) and POP3
(port 110 - Qpopper) services with no problems up until lastnight.  For
some reason I think the SA-03:11 (sendmail) and SA-03:12 (SSH) patches I
installed have done something to those ports.  If I do a 'netstat -an'
it'll show that those ports are listening, but when I try to telnet to
them remotely I get a connection refused message for the POP3/Qpopper
port, but a timeout error with the daytime port.  I do get a connection
when I telnet to localhost of those two ports.
     I have a firewall that allows connections to those two ports
but I haven't touched the config for that in a while.
     I did notice that I got an error while applying the SA-03:11
(Sendmail) patch.  I couldn't completely install it.  Do you think that
might have something to do with my problem??  Any ideas???


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