I know this is a weird request, but i'm desperate here.  My husband is
stationed in Iraq.  His access to websites is VERY limited.  He can get to
freebsd.org but cannot get to our home page which has pictures of his son
(he last saw his son when he was 6mo old).  the site is www.treece.org/sean
to prove that I'm telling the truth here.

I need to know if there is ANY way that you will let me send you a picture
of my son to post to ANYWHERE on your site so that my husband can see what
he looks like now (Sean turns 1 on the 27th).  I would love to be able to
keep him up to date w/pictures more so than right now.

I try to email them to him, but it's very unreliable and half the time email
is down for them.

I apologize that this has nothing to do with FreeBSD (my husband is the
Linux/Unix guru in the family).  Please let me know.  I can always try
cnn.com too.  He can get to their site also.

Anna Treece
Resolv LLC
920-730-1300 x102

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