I hope this is the right list, I have a nforce 2 board and have
drivers that aren't working.  I read the nforce was based ond the amd
chipset so I tried to use /sys/pci/agp_amd.c as a blueprint and modified
it according to the data in /src/pci/agp_nvidia.c.  I am maybe half done
and learned enough to know not to expect this thing to work.  I would
like some more documentation and help if aviliable.  I read the
developers and architecure handbooka and a few examples on the web.
   I know enough to be dangerous, I have been told.  I would like to
write a driver that comforms to all the new standards like newbus(does
this apply for agp?), avoiding GAINT(I need more info on this),smp(since
nvidia likes a universal driver architecure this would be helpfull for
the nforce 3 and opteron), etc...  I have been getting some tech support
from Mathew Dodd on the questions lets where I was just tring to get 3d
working with a non-nvidia card.  It seems I am the only one with a nf2
mobo and and ati video card who wants to do some gaming and can't.  He
added agp_nvidia.c to freebsd and I think ether he gave up on me, or the
driver does not work and he gave up on it.  So I am back to tring to
write a driver myself.
   I emailed nvidia a couple of times for documentation and the only
response I ever got was an automated conformation.  Big help they were,
but if any else here has their ear maybe they could inquire?

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