On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Dan Nelson wrote:

> Do you have to pay for the space taken up by your faucet handles?
> Try www.freebsdmirrors.org for a list of sites that have the disk space
> to keep old releases.

Thank you - this is much appreciated, and helped me greatly.

However, what should I do with 4.6.1-RC2 ?  It is not on any of the
mirrors above, and I cannot tell /stand/sysinstall to go ahead and grab
either 4.6 or 4.6.2 instead ...

So, if 4.6.1-RC2 does not exist anywhere, is it possible to get sysinstall
to connect and ask for a different version instead ?  Would /usr/src from
4.6 be closer to 4.6.1-RC2, or would /usr/src from 4.6.2 be closer ?


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