I am trying to download a release 4.8 of FreeBSD but I am having
problems finding the correct file names/locations to download the files.

I can ftp to ftp1.us.FreeBSD.org as well as other mirror sites

I can cd to pub/FreeBSD/releases/i386/4.8-RELEASE

I cannot "dir" or "ls" to see the list of files in the directory--I get
"Connection closed by remote host."  I assume the files are hidden?
Given that I cannot see the file names I was following the instructions
and filenames given in the FreeBSD Handbook.

I have tried to get: 

I have also tried getting these images from this path as well:

Does anyone know of a mirror ftp that will allow me to see the file
names?  Or allow me privileges to see and download the files?

Here is my typical session from DOS ftp:

ftp> open ftp1.us.FreeBSD.org

Connected to freebsd.secsup.org.
220 Welcome to mirrors.secsup.org FTP service.
User (freebsd.secsup.org:(none)): ftp
331 Please specify the password.
230 Login successful. Have fun.
ftp> cd pub/FreeBSD/ISO-IMAGES-i386/4.8
250 Directory successfully changed.
ftp> get "4.8-disc1.iso" r48_disc1.iso
Connection closed by remote host.

I am at a loss.


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