I'm struggling to setup a ``base'' jail that I can base other jails on.
I did some reading about unionfs (the man page was quite helpful,
especially the bit about the slippery dog ;) and decided this was for
me.  I am aware it's not supported (it's already panicked my machine
twice (or more) for which I have sent reports -- they were pretty
specific to what I was doing though) fully but there seems little other

  I ran into troubles when I found that the permissions of the ``base''
were not maintained.  This is somewhat annoying as stuff like
mailqueues, etc. just don't work.  I know I can change them from the
upper-level jail, but I don't want to have to do this.

  Does anybody know of a ``base'' jail solution?  Is it with unionfs?
Do permissions work?  I must confess I didn't really understand nullfs
so I don't know if that is my friend (although it looks like it is not).

  Any help on this would be much appreciated.  Thanks very much,


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