I have a FBSD 4.8 box running Samba in my network. Lately I am
noticing some strange messages at the console concerning my
firewall. The messages basically say the MAC address of my linux
firewall's internal ip address has changed...and 15 minutes
later changed again (to the original MAC address)...and so on.

The linux firewall is a bastion host with three NICs...are my
NICs bad or what? This is coinciding with some not-understood
behavior of the firewall.

The firewall is Ipcop which worked just fine for us for the past
year and a half. Then we upgraded our ISDN connection to
business-class cable (2 Mbps down and 512 Up) and I'm losing
sleep and hair and we still are "enjoying" spotty connectivity
at the windows clients, but not at the public interface of the
firewall itself...I cannot figure out what is going on, and I've
posted an ipcop-centric message on their mailing list. But, can
anyone figure out what the arp messages are telling me?


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