I recently started up a FreeBSD system (4.8 Stable) and as part of the
post install selected the imap-uw-2002 server. So the install is from
packages rather than ports. I looked at some of the archived imap
questions but they all assume one is building it. Is there a way to
figure out how it has been compiled? It seems to magically run (telnet
to localhost 143 gets a response although I don't know any low level
commands to verify more) but my login always fails. Isn't there some
user configuration I have to do? Its as if the logins are disabled or
something but I cannot find any information on imapd configuration files
or the like. The imapd man page is devoid of any configuration info.

I am trying to access the server from a win XP box by configuring an
email account to reference an imap server on the local net using my
Freebsd  login name as the user name and my Freebsd password as the
password. I also try the same thing on the FreeBSD system itself using
netscape +mail. In both cases it asks me for a password but always fails
the login.

Where can I get some information on this?

Any help is appreciated.

-- Paul Voith

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