Ladies and Gents;

I've got the following problem. I installed PAM on my 5.1R version of FreeBSD. The modules are all stored in /usr/lib as /usr/lib/pam_*.so.2, with a /usr/lib/pam_*.so as a symlink to the original (from default port). I've also installed the from the port with pam_mysql-0.5 as the source.

I installed the config file for login only to prevent messing something up. When I try to login, I get an error in the /var/log/messages syslog that reads, pardon my lack of memory, that it cannot find the pam module. It is in the same place as the other modules, with the exact permissions, symlinks, and everything (the install put it in the wrong place). But I still get the error messages about not finding the module.

My question (may lead to a solution) : is the pam port linked to statically? Dynamically? (Statically would mean I now have to recompile it with some modifications, right?)


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