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Stuff deleted.

> I had some time to reflect on the design, and my main problem I was facing
> was the visualizations of music. Initially I thought I'd need a fairly
> high output video card to be able to properly display the vis. in close to
> real time. My current rig @ 1024x768 with a Radeon 8000 can only run the
> Winamp vis full screen at 40fps with a noticeable delay in the music beats
> and the vis interpretation on the screen. Drop the window to a size where
> it hits 70fps or so and the music and vis stay in tune, so I figured a
> more powerful vid card was the answer.
> But I forgot that a standard TV resolution is only 640x480, so I should be
> able to get away with a lot less then top of the line. 
> I'm going to try to test all this by using the 1Ghz Nehemiah Mini-ITX
> board ( http://www.mini-itx.com/store/default.asp?c=2#p243 ) with 256mb
> ram. 

I have one of these boards.  I know of at least one person who has booted
up FreeBSD on it.   Right now I'm just playing with mine.

> Install a RAID card and setup 1 20Gb drive RAID 1 array and 1 100Gb RAID 1
> array. 20Gb raid for FBSD and the 100GB RAID for media files.
> Then pick up the bill validator, buttons and what not and see if I can't
> make it work sans enclosure, which will save me a ton of cash. 
> Someone suggested trying Freevo, so I'll see if I can't hack the interface
> of it to see if I can achieve what I want. If I was more of an artist I
> could mockup the overall look of the display I'm going for, but I'm not
> (I'll see if a friend of mine can tackle this part). 

Try Freevix.  http://www.freevix.org which is a bootable distribution
which has mplayer built-in.  The OS is Linux not FreeBSD.

Marc Wiz
Yes, that really is my last name.
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