I am trying to build a kernel using a copy of GENERIC for RELENG_5_1. I have CVSuped by source tree prior to copying /usr/src/conf/GENERIC. I initially disabled the all RAID devices, so I started with a fresh copy of GENERIC. That was recommended once in the list archives for what seemed a similar scenario. However the error message persists. Here are my extra lines at the bottom of my kernel config file, in all other ways it is an unmodified copy of GENERIC:

        # Added for sound and Java
        device          pcm             # enable SoundBlaster PCI support
        options         USER_LDT        # used by Java and nVidia
        options         CPU_ENABLE_SSE  # used by DVD

When I run the following as root:

/usr/sbin/config GENERIC_SND

I receive the following message:

GENERIC_SND: unknown option "USER_LDT"

The kernel config file resides in ~/kernels/, and I have a symlink in /usr/src/conf bearing the name GENERIC_SND. This is a Dell OptiPlex 200 with a PIII 733 MHz and 256MB RAM. Any ideas? The pupil sits, awaiting enlightenment...

Barry C. Hawkins
All Things Computed

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